Taking Cuttings From Your Garden to Grow or Sell

This is a great way to earn some extra money or to fill those gaps in your garden. With out much practice, you can learn how to expand your knowledge and garden. This is a simple and easy guide on how to take a cutting.

1.Find the tree or trees which you would like to take cuttings from and propagate. These should be healthy and disease free. 
2. Take a cutting that is between 4-8 inches from the end of a branch. A good cut is at about a 45 degree angle but this can be done afterwards too.
3. Peel off all the leaves apart from the top 2-4. This will give the cutting the ability to root before using all its energy staying alive.
4. Your cutting is now ready to plant. You can use rooting hormone or just plant it. Good Luck!

Enjoy expanding your garden. Take a look at my post on How to Make Up to $10,000 or More! Making cuttings is super easy and does not require excess amounts of money to be spent. Leave a question if you have any and I will get back to you as soon as possible.