Making Money Off Your Garden - $10,000 and No Cost.

 Making money off our own gardens is usually something we just don't think about. To most of us, gardens are a bottomless pit of money spending. But if you set it up right, you can make money off almost any garden tree, bush or hedge you have.
Take Buxus (Box Hedge) for example. Here in New Zealand, they cost about $2 a plant (10 inches max). If I spend $50 on these, I have 25 10" plants. I plant them and allow them some growing time. I could even take some cuttings off the small plants already. 
So 25 plants one year later will be roughly 20 inches high. I take 5-10 cuttings from each plant. Now I have between 125 and 250 cuttings. Plant these, expect 80% survival, and I now have 100-200 plants. I can sell my old plants for $4-$10. 25 plants at $5 is $125. Unless I want to keep them and grow them some more, take more cuttings, repeat. Throw a bit more time at it and I can sell my 100-200 cuttings for $5 each. Now I have $500, a bunch of plants and close to nothing in cost. You can sell them online, contact a nursery, go to gardening shows. Nearly anywhere and people will be interested.
But remember these all started from the little 10 inch $2 plants. Doesn't seem to hard does it? We all have to start somewhere. Making money takes time. Plant 500 cuttings this year and next yeah you could make an extra $2000. The following year, $10,000. So on and so forth. Enjoy, leave a comment or question!