Water Garden Ideas - With Pictures!

While only a short post, I still thought I'd include this. Water gardens are a great way to add some diversity to your garden. They make it stand out among all the others but can be slightly harder to maintain. In this post, I will include 4 water garden ideas. Enjoy!

Thanks to gardenidea.me
1.While only small, this water garden makes a backyard look great. It manages to incorporate color, light and water all into one small area without looking crowded. 


2. The green and grey in this garden makes a great match for the surrounding house and deck. By having some decking over top of the water, it leaves a great opportunity for fish and/or other small aquatic animals. This garden still manages to look tidy and organized. 

3. An awesome job is done in this garden when relating to the surroundings. The unique shape adds a good vibe to the overall garden surrounding it. 

4. The simplicity of this garden makes something similar a great project. While only having a small waterfall, it still looks like a complex design.