6 Ways to Make Your Garden Look Better

It is so easy to make our gardens look better but we rarely put it into practice. Here is 6 simple ways to make your garden look that little (or big) bit better.

1. Weeding. Yes, weeding is so simple but we just don't seem to do it. It can take hours on end to do a proper job of the weeding but it will pay off if you stick it out and keep going. Try picking a spot in your garden, anywhere at all. Move from this spot picking out all the weeds until the soil is perfect. If you have compost, throw the weeds in there! Make a point that you want to weed to a certain spot in a certain time. Its so simple!
2.  Paving Bricks. This may seem like a waste of time but just lining your garden with paving bricks can really make a difference. It isn't hard but the downside is that it can be quite expensive. 
3. Soil. This is a weird one but having good quality soil usually looks a lot nicer than the normal clay filled soil. A good dark, spongy soil looks great in a weedless garden. But the better the soil, the more weeds you'll find!
4. Rocks. Rocks tend to add a bit of diversity to the garden. By adding rocks it will help prevent those dreaded weeds and make your garden stand out among all the others. 
5. Trimming Plants. By trimming back your plants, it'll make your garden look respected and well maintained. It will also add that tidy edge to the garden. If you want to you can even try to propagate off the trimmings you've done.
6.  Leaf Removal. By removing dead leaves and ground leaf cover, your garden will look greener and healthier than ever. They can be burnt or put in the compost too. Leaves are one of those things people forget about when tidying their gardens because there is always just so many. 

Happy gardening!