How to Make an Outdoor Brazier For Free!

A lot of people have plenty of garden waste that would only make the garden worse if returned back to it. A good way to get rid of masses of weeds, sticks, branches and even grass is to burn it in a brazier. This brazier is easy to make and makes for a great night outdoors with family or friends.

You Will Need:

1. Washing machine/dryer.
It needs to have a fully stainless steel tub in it. These can be picked up from most rubbish dumps for close to free cost.
2. Welding gear (optional).
3. Hacksaw 

Construction Time!

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1. Start by removing the stainless steel tub/drum. This can be tricky and take some time. It is usually best to turn the appliance on its side and undo all the screws. Try not to damage the drum. The motor and plastic especially need to be removed.

2. This step is optional! Most drums will have a steel pipe that sticks straight out the bottom. This is what you will weld the legs on to. Inside the washing machine that you've just destroyed, there are metal brackets. These make the legs. Your job now is to basically find any parts from inside the washing machine to make the legs as strong as possible. Weld them on so it is tidy, clean and not sharp.

3. If you haven't got access to welding material or simply don't want to weld it, cut the shaft off the bottom of the drum and sit the brazier on some old concrete, rocks or bricks. Make sure its stable!

It is as easy as that! Burn something! They are so easy and cheap to make. When you get them hot enough, they'll glow red at night and look like you can almost see through them.

Enjoy your new brazier!