How to Germinate Seedlings

By being a gardener, it is thrilling to have grown your own plant from seeds. The growth stages are great to watch and it is definitely worth it.

You want to pick seeds from a reputable source. If they seem to good to be true, they probably are. Go for some seeds that will be fine in your area. If in doubt, Google it.

How to germinate them:

1. Find out when the best time of year is to grow seedlings. In some cases, you can grow them at any time of year indoors.
2. Purchase a seed raising mix. This is the safest and easiest way for your seeds to grow as this mix is designed to hold enough water to stay damp but not soggy.
3. Choose a seed container 2-3 inches deep. If using trays with individual segments, fill them to about 1-2cm from the top.
4. It is important to wet the soil before you plant the seeds so it can compress down from the water and not over cover the seeds. Dip the bottom of the pot, tray or seed tray in water and let it raise to the top. It will look damp when fully watered.
5. If the seeds do not need to be soaked for a few hours prior to planting, plant them about 3 times the thickness of the seed. This is a good rule to know when planting.
6. Keep the seeds moist up to and while they germinate. Avoid letting them dry out. Keep them in a suitable environment for the seed type.