A Few Quick Tips on Hedge Cutting


It can be quite easy if you use a guideline. This is basically a line you attach to two ends of the hedge and follow along with your cutters. This will allow a straight cut.

We all know that feeling of dreading to do something. A lot of us dread cutting the hedge because it is so hard to cut straight and still look nice.

Another good tip is to cut 6 branches and then step back and look from a distance. Why 6? I'm not sure, but it just seems like a good number. If you cut it in small amounts, step back, check from a distance then you will be able to see what needs to be cut. This also allows you to shape the hedge into different (non-straight) shapes.

Had to throw this one in from tradesman4u.wordpress.com. Its great!
A key tip to start with is to check just under the branches to identify where there are and aren't leafy branches. If there are small amounts of leaves or woody structures under the branches then avoid cutting down to the woody stuff yet. It will grow leaves if cut but best to cut this part when nobody is due to come over. It has to look nice for visitors!