How to Start a Worm Farm

About 40% of a households waste is organic matter that can be fed to worms. 40% is a big number! You could be recycling this waste and using it to allow your garden to thrive. Worms start from the bottom layer in a worm farm and move up as they eat all the organic matter. They leave behind vermicast (poo!) and their urine. Both of which are great for your garden.

How to start your worm farm:

1. Piece together a worm farm kit with one tray above the collection tray. This is the tray you will put your waste in.
2. Put newspaper, light soil, coir or paper shreddings down first then cover with some organic matter. This is where your worms will live.
3. Over time or each day, put your food scraps and some garden scraps into the worm farm. As each layer gets more full, you add another one and the worms will move up.
4. Once the bottom layer has no (or very little) worms in it, remove it and use it in your garden as compost, fertilizer or mulch.

Worms can eat anything from hair clippings, manure, food scraps to even grass clippings. Make sure you keep a bit of air in the worm farm by occasionally adding shredded paper or cardboard.

Good luck with your worm farm endeavor!