Herb Garden Ideas For Your Weekend

There are numerous herbs that we use in our every day cooking and baking. If we can grow them ourselves while lightening up our kitchen, lounge or home then that's even better!

Whether the pasta needs basil or meat needs mint, it can all be done with such ease and look so brilliant.

 This is a commonly used home-made herb planter for kitchens at home. Made from old jars, scrap wood and metal screw ties, it's simple and an efficient use of space.

These are perfect for family meals as they are restricted to how much they grow, yet still grow enough for several meals a week.

 Using plant pots on walls or specially designed shelves is a great way of growing herbs for home or even the business.

This method is much more pleasing to the eye and allows for a larger crop to be grown in necessary.
 Those awkward holes in retaining walls usually just build up with weeds, webs and unwanted residue. If you're looking to grow some herbs outdoors without spending any money, this is the perfect option for you!

Not only do the herbs grow to cover the gaps but they also hold the soil back and reduce weed growth.

This idea was born in the early 2000's when stackable plant pots were a fad. While they aren't always the best for larger plants, they sure make a great little herb garden.

The idea is that the garden is easy care and compact. This ensures that no matter how green (or not) your thumb is, you can still have a small successful herb garden.