Bearded Iris

With the sharp and pointy leaves, Bearded Iris is easy care and bright blooming. Some of the colours available include pink, purple, red, yellow and blue. These will bloom in early summer and some varieties are known to bloom again later on in summer.


Bearded Iris should be planted in mid summer to early fall. With the spacing 1-2 feet apart, the plant should have full sun and loose, well drained soil. The hole should be two times as wide as the root base or rhizome.
When filling around the plant, gently firm the soil. Once planted, water thoroughly.

Bearded Iris Care

A layer of compost on top of the soil in spring will enhance health and growth.
This plant is susceptible to borers so regular checking of the rhizomes is crucial.
As the flowers fade, cut them back to the base of the plant. This will encourage reblooming too.

If the roots break the soil surface, cover them with soil instead of forcing back underground.