Garden Edge Ideas

Let these photos sink in and decide; what would look best in your garden? We have to start somewhere and the edges is one of the easiest and most significant upgrades we can do.

This is one that hasn't been seen much before but pebble edging can tidy up your yard a lot!

Artificial wooden edging is becoming more and more popular as it is now being mass produced. What a great way to bring a high edge to a garden bed.

Smooth bricks can make your garden look like it has been freshly renovated when used as an edge. The bricks can be made into nearly any shape to suit any garden.
 Recycled plastic edging is very popular at the moment as it is cheap, easy and simple. While it can be used as a permanent edge, it can also be used for temporary edging in landscape projects or to separate plants.

Rock walls used as garden edges may not be the cheapest but they are certainly pleasing to the eye. It is definitely worth getting a professional in to install a wall like this.

Once again, brick edges come in all shapes and sizes.