How To Plant A Zoysia Grass Lawn

  • Zoysia lawn is a perfect option for you if you live in a warm area that experiences common droughts. As Zoysia Grass is very thick, it is commonly used on golf courses for fairways and tees. This is because it allows the ball to sit up high on the grass and not in it.

    When planting Zoysia Grass, there are several different options for new growth. You can either grow it from seed, sod or plugs and as it is a slow grower, plugs are used most often.

    It is essential to use a good quality top soil or lawn mix when planting as it will promote new growth and help your lawn get off to a great growing start. After applying seed, sod or plugs, it is essential to keep the area well watered to allow the grass to grow and adapt to its new environment.

    When the grass reaches normal mowing height, you can cut it down to 2-3 inches. This is the preferred height for Zoysia Grass. Fertilising or not catching the grass when mowing will promote growth and feed the lawn.

    When the weather cools down, Zoysia Grass will go dormant and commonly brown until the growing season starts. If you live in a cool area, we don't recommend using Zoysia grass!