How to Air Propagate - Taking Cuttings After They've Rooted!

Air Propagation is an interesting way to get more plants. Unlike cuttings, air propagation gives us the opportunity to grow roots before the plant is cut. This is a great way to ensure the survival of the plant and its cuttings.
Another brief post but something that a lot of people do not even know exists!

1. Pick the plant - It needs to have 2+ nodes for the spot that will be used.
2. Wound the plant. This means to cut through the bark and removed a layer 2-4 inches long. This does not need to be done delicately.
3. Fill the bulb or plant pot with soil being used and place it on the tree. The soil needs to be all the way around the trunk of the plant. Now tie it on to the tree and secure it over the wound.
4. Water it every day and within a few weeks, roots will have grown
Good luck with your propagation and feel free to ask a question or two!