Garden Shed Ideas for Your House

Garden sheds can be a great help if placed in the right place and if you've got a good quality one. They are also fantastic at tidying up your house, garden and garage by keeping all the tools in one place.

In this post I have got a number of shed ideas that may (or may not) suit your garden and give you a great place to hide all those tools.
1. A simple and relatively cheap little shed but still has enough room for everything.

2. A little less simple but it's alright to dream right?

3. Much like the first shed, this is simple and would look great in nearly any garden or backyard.

 4. A very cheap and effective garden shed here.

5. If you have a bit of time and money to throw around, here is an awesome log shed that would be worth a go!

5. This would be the cheapest option in this post and only works if you have very little tools (not everyone has a lot!).  This is only $200!