Snake Plant - A Great Indoor Plant
The Snake Plant is a great plant to have indoors or in a sheltered spot outdoors. It is also known as 'mother in-laws tongue'. With a thick grass like look, they add a bit of diversity to nearly any home. They have an amazing yellow border and a thick green stem. The average height for these plants is 60-100cm high and the growth rate is medium.

These plants are extremely hardy and drought tolerant which makes them a perfect plant for beginner gardeners or even small children. They only need watering once the soil is dry.

When picking a plant, look for one with no brown spots. If healthy from the beginning, they tend to stay healthy unless care is not taken. 

A great part of these plants is the propagation ability. They grow new groups of plant which can be snapped off and planted. This means it is possible to turn one plant into several!

Overall, the Snake Plant will make a great addition to your house as an indoor ornament or an outdoor plant.