How to Grow Snow Peas - Easy and Delicious

Snow Peas are super easy and fun to grow. They make a great little plant project for children or even just as your first plant grown from seed. I have had great success with Snow Peas and it has been very rewarding.

All you need is:
1. Seed Raising Mix (normal topsoil works too)
2. Snow Pea seeds
3. Seed tray or pots
4. Water (of course!)
Here is 5 easy steps on how to do it:

1. Fill the pots or seed tray with seed raising mix. When filling a seed tray it is alright to fill it to just below the rim. If using pots or seed pots, fill to about 1 inch below the rim. Pack the soil in firmly with your hands/fingers to stop it from sinking when wet.
2. Water the soil from the bottom. This allows the soil to get fully and naturally wet rather than partially wetting it.
3. Use a small stick (about the size of the Snow Pea seed) to poke holes in the soil. The holes only need to be about 2-4cm deep. This is where the seeds are going to go.
4. Drop a seed into each hole. You can also drop two seeds into each hole as some seeds may not germinate. This will not damage the plant as the faster growing plant will overrun the other one.
5. Lastly cover the holes and firmly push over the seed.

Best of luck!