Considering Your First Greenhouse? Read here!

Keeping plants at optimal health can be made a lot easier with a decent greenhouse. While you can spend a lot of money on a greenhouse, it is also possible to start small (like I did with a old fish tank) and then move up as you can afford/need it. Remember plants can be brought up outside in a sheltered area so there is no rush for a greenhouse! However, they do make everything much easier.

There is a great variety of greenhouses ranging from self made to pre-made models.
When interested in buying a greenhouse, it is always best to ask your local store on advice, Google greenhouse builders in your region and consider the size needed.

A self made greenhouse like this one is easy and cheap to make when only wanting a small area for plants.

Pre-planned/made greenhouses such as this one are obviously going to have more benefits to the plants but in the long run, you can only afford whatever you can afford.

They come in different shapes or sizes so remember to do your research!

Metal framed glasshouses are also a great, sturdy option.