How to Propagate Hydrangeas

Propagating Hydrangeas

Unlike most plants, Hydrangeas are super easy to propagate. They always seem to root easily and relatively quickly! These are great plants and add a unique look to your garden. These are easy to propagate much like my cacti that I propagate.

You Will Need:

1. Knife or sharp branch cutters

2. Seed raising mix or soil of some sort

3. Rooting hormone

4. Some sort of plastic covering. Zip lock bags work well


Have a read and decide whether you think it easy to do. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Take a cutting from a Hydrangea. It needs to be 5-6 inches long and it is best if this cutting has not flowered yet this year.

Step 2: Remove the leaves on the bottom of the cutting. It is best to have just the leaves on the tip of the cutting left. This makes the Hydrangea cutting not require as much water therefore it will not die before it roots.

Step 3: If the leaves are quite large and look out of proportion, it is a good idea to cut the in half so only half the leaf is left attached.

Step 4: (optional) Dip the cuttings into a rooting hormone. They come in powders, gels or liquids. It should be about 1 inch up the cutting. Once held in the hormone for 5-10 seconds, tap off the remaining hormone.

Step 5: Now its time to plant them. Gently push them into the soil you’ve chosen. They can be as deep as you want but usually 2-3 inches is enough.

Step 6: Water the soil until it is soaked. Allow it to drain though too! Cuttings like to be wet.

Step 7: Place the plastic over the cuttings. If it is pushing down onto the leaves then use stakes to hold it off.

The plastic covering acts as a miniature greenhouse and keeps the cuttings warm and moist until they root.

Rooting hormone is not essential. Of course, as you may know, it increases the chance and potential speed of root growth but some people prefer to do it without rooting hormone.

Try this! Its easy and rewarding. Good luck!